Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds provide a sleek finish to the interior of any home.
They glide and fold to create a brilliant filter for natural light and are a great alternative for out-dated nets.
You can control the light entering your room with our pleated blinds, and we here at Ascot Blinds also let you control the style of these blinds thanks to the way we personalise each set to suit your design features and your taste.

Pleated blinds are an ideal decorative blind particularly suitable for Conservatories , any shape can be made, for any conservatory make or model. Everything is made-to-measure specifically for you windows. Dramatically reduces heat in hot conservatories, and reduces the 'fading' effect of the sun. Some fabrics reflect 100% of UV! Works all year round keeping cool in the Summer and warm in the winter. Using high quality materials, exact measurements and colours which appeal to you, we'll produce perfectly pleated blinds for the interior of your home at affordable prices. We have been installing these beautiful blinds in homes for years, always managing to achieve brilliant results for our customers. With no dangling control cords at all, Pleated blinds are totally child safe, especially when combined with Perfect Fit®.

To personally discuss your needs for made-to-measure Pleated Blinds, simply call us or request a quote online

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