Why Choose Wooden Blinds?

We can think of quite a few reasons why you might invest in wooden blinds. They’re a versatile window coverage for a start. Who wouldn’t want this type of elegant blind on their window for understated elegance and minimal glamour? They may seem utilitarian on first glimpse, but wooden blinds are so much more than the sum of their parts, being a really great accompaniment to whatever else you have going on in your room. What’s more like with most blinds, the installation of wooden blinds gives your room practical and complete control over the amount of privacy and light you have. 

There’s a lot you can do with wooden blinds

What’s more, you don’t need to have wooden blinds in one colour. You can be adventurous with your blinds and have them in a colour other than wood. At Knightshades we’ve a wide range of colours that give you enough choice to find something that will match the colour scheme in any of your rooms. This means you’ll have the most amazing match for your décor, so you have harmony with your windows and furnishings. 

The uniqueness of wood and the versatility of blinds – a great combination

You can create a unique blind, with our wide and extremely popular range of blind types. Wood is such a warm material that adds something beautiful to any room. The living space can only be enhanced by this natural material and you can have them match your doors too. So, if you’ve mahogany or oak panelled doors, you could have wooden blinds painted to match, and with natural wood coming through, there’s room there for some gorgeous texture and colour symmetry. Wood has always complemented both accessories and furnishings, whether it’s a simple wooden blind or something more elaborate. It can be subtle when you need it to be, so it’s taking up only the background area rather than being more of a centre piece. 

Venetian blinds anyone?

Wooden blinds are made with a series of slats and make it possible for you to combine wood, the most versatile of materials, with a sleek and contemporary venetian design. You could also have them as roman blinds, but with bamboo that simply go up concertina style when you close them. So, you can either stick with a more traditional style or try something more relaxed.